"Koran-koran saya diambil keponakan saya."

Translation:My newspapers were taken by my nephew.

September 9, 2018

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Can someone please explain why Oleh is used for 'by' in some sentences but not others? Is it just that some verbs imply it, or is it a formality thing that isn't always needed?


"A third person agent can be expressed by either dia or -nya. They are optionally preceded by oleh 'by'.

Saya dijemputnya/olehnya.

Saya dijemput dia/oleh dia.

'I was met by him'

Oleh is always optional except when the agent does not immediately follow the verb, in which case it is obligatory. This occurs when another clause element comes between the verb and agent or when the agent is placed before the verb to receive highlighting. " Sneddon, J. N., Indonesian, a comprehensive grammar, p.248


Since in this sentence the agent is immediately followed by the verb, oleh is optional.


Were taken... Or are taken.. should both be correct since both are the same (completed action)


I was under the impression that /oleh/ would be required in this sentence because the agent/doer in this sentence isn't a personal pronoun. I've been taught that you can only omit /oleh/ after passive verbs if the agent is a pronoun.

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