"Ibu memasakkan kami ayam goreng."

Translation:Mother cooks us fried chicken.

September 9, 2018

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Fun titbit: In Indonesia 'ayam goreng' is non-battered or breaded chicken usually marinated in tumeric or sweet soy sauce. If it's 'fried chicken' then it's KFC style battered chicken.


In English, we would more likely say "fried chicken," thinking of it as an uncountable, like pork or beef.


"Ibu memasakkan kami ayam goreng."
Translation:Mother cooks us fried chickens.

Yes, I agree.
It doesn't have to be more than one chicken.
One is more than enough for me :-)

Mother cooks us fried chicken. = not accepted, reported


It reminds me of this scene from The Blues Brothers (at time marker 3:25): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GnG7R93hfw


LOL ... Four chickens and a coke :-)


In British English, to 'cook' food and to 'make' food are the same and are interchangeable. Reported. I just have to remember that 'masak' is not the correct Indonesian verb for the many other meanings in English of the verb 'to make'!!

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