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  5. "Bojíte se o svou manželku?"

"Bojíte se o svou manželku?"

Translation:Are you afraid for your wife?

September 9, 2018



This should really be: Are you afraid of your wife.


That would be a different sentence. The BÁT SE O construction (with the accusative) means to "be afraid for." BÁT SE alone (with the genitive) means "to be afraid of." Confusing!


And it all means the same!


No, it doesn’t. "Be afraid for" means, that you’re afraid something might happen to your wife. "Being afraid of" means you’re afraid of that person and something might happen to you.


I think you can say "I'm afraid your wife...[ >> then action here, for instance, "...won't recognize me"]. The sentence "I'm afraid FOR your wife" sounds complicated to me. But maybe I am only not expert in English enough.


"Afraid for" is a perfectly normal construction in English; Carrie533002 provided a good explanation. In your suggested sentence, I think že would be used in Czech to introduce the second clause, like "that" is in English. As for example, "I am afraid THAT (something)..." would be Bojím se, že...


Thanks for the explanation, BHBass. I admit that there's something missing in mine.


The verb is in the second-person plural, so shouldn't it be 'afraid for your wives'?


It is the polite plural but "svojí manželku" is clearly singular.

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