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"Can we fix it? Yes, we can fix it!"

Translation:'oH wItI'laH'a'? HISlaH, wItI'laH!

September 9, 2018



"You haven't heard Bob the Builder until you've heard it in the original Klingon" - Chancellor Gorkon


I'm only studying Klingon because my dad told me not to waste my money buying Hamlet in the original Klingon, a language I didn't speak.

Take this, Dad. I will learn an entire language out of spite.


Ok, why does it need a "'oH" when the pronoun can normally be left off? (And why is it not used in the 2nd part?)


'oH is not required and it is also correct without it. All the variations are accepted as correct, 'oH in the first sentence, 'oH in the last sentence, 'oH in both sentences, or 'oH in neither. If yours wasn't accepted, you probably had some other error. Did you report it as "my answer should have been accepted" or take a screen shot of it?


It was correct, but it said I had a typo...at first examination, all I saw was the missing " 'oH " but now I realized I mistyped a word as well, missing an I. Thanks.

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