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Are There Outside Hindi Resources?

I've been learning Hindi for the past couple months and I have been looking for outside resources the whole time. By outside resources I mean youtube channels or websites that give little comprehensive mini lessons or break down song lyrics or poems, things like that, but I have not been able to find any for Hindi. I have found MANY of those sorts of youtube channels and websites for Korean, but none for Hindi.

Does anyone know of any outside resources of that variety for Hindi? If so please tell me what they are!

September 9, 2018



At WordReference, they have a collection of resources: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/forum-rules-online-resources-for-indo-iranian-languages.1264563/#post-6465624

I hope this helps you. Happy learning! :-)


"youtube channels"

Anil Mahato: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoodlesFan?pbjreload=10

"or websites that give little comprehensive mini lessons"

There are two websites I've found useful:



The first one is structured like a series of mini-lessons (though it's written in kind of an annoying way). The second one is the most comprehensive guide to Hindi grammar that I've found online.

"I have found MANY of those sorts of youtube channels and websites for Korean, but none for Hindi."

That's really surprising, considering Hindi has five times as many native speakers than Korean and is a Lingua Franca for Northern India. But I too have noticed that there seem to be far fewer resources for Hindi than for other major languages.


I also like www.learning-hindi.com - be sure to check out lesson #66: The Elephant's Friendship. It has a great little animated video about animals!


I also recommend http://www.learning-hindi.com I searched and searched and tested many things, and this is the best I found. Because the way it is presented (always with little drawings and very zen (black and white, not busy)) whatever I learn there, I remember. Hope it helps!

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    what's your native language...


    watch Hindi movies with subtitle. It will really help you.

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