"Kde přesně stávala ta vesnice?"

Translation:Where exactly did that village use to stand?

September 9, 2018

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"use to stand" should be "used to stand", I believe. The village used to stand west of New York, before it burned down, for example. Past tense.


The idiomatic expression is "used to". "Use to" has no sense.


Just one of those instances where you learn about some obscure English rule nobody uses anymore just to get the right answer on Duo Lingo.


"Where exactly did that village use to stand?" sounds both strange (even with a more correct "used"). The "village" seems to be moving, like a litter box or a chair. Maybe I am wrong, but "Where exactly stood that village ?" would fit much better for something immobile, that "usually" is only moved after destruction.


This is to help you understand the difference between stála and stávala.


Can we say "the" village ? It is given as a possibility in the drop-down.

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