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  5. "Dia dapat tidur lama sekali."

"Dia dapat tidur lama sekali."

Translation:She can sleep for very long.

September 9, 2018



I think ‘she can sleep for a very long time’ is a better translation


What's the difference between 'dapat' and 'bisa'?


Agreed, its a poor English translation. 'She can sleep for a long time ' would be the correct way we would say this in English


Why can't I say "She can sleep for a long time"?


This a strange way to say this in English - not normal usage. You might instead say, "She can sleep for a long time" or "She can have a long sleep."

"She CAN'T sleep for very long" would work as a translation of "Dia tidak dapat tidur lama sekali."


Jon, Im interested in the last bit of your comment - i have a theory but no one has ever told me exlicitly, ive just pieced it together by observation, let me know what you think. I think Indonesians wont say "..tidak dapat tidur lama sekali" if the meaning is sort of a non literal one. In English we say that as a softer or nicer way of actually saying the opposite - like "she only managaed to sleep for a short time" - i think it would be "dia tidak berhasil tidak terlalu lama" (instead of "lama sekali"). What do you think? Ive never heard someone say "lama sekali" in the negative (because that would mean...by implication...just lama...what do you think?)


Oops, sorry, typo. I mean, "dia tidak berhasil TIDUR terlalu lama"


That is not correct Indonesian.


"She can sleep very long" should be accepted.


That's unnatural but better than "He can sleep for very long," which is nonsense. "He can sleep for a long time" is best.

Anyway, it's annoying that you can get through the lesson only by typing the answer in incorrect English.


He can sleep for a long time. Is a perfect translation in my opinion.


She can sleep for a very long time. This improper English still hasn't been fixed but still needs to be fixed.

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