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  5. "Ich würde ihn gerne anlegen."


"Ich würde ihn gerne anlegen."

March 30, 2013



Does either the German or the English sentence make sense here?


The German could be "Ich würde den Betrag gerne anlegen" - "I would like to invest that amount." Or it could be "Ich würde den Verband gerne anlegen" - "I would like to put on the bandage" Or "Ich würde den Taucheranzug gerne anlegen" - "I would like to put on the scuba gear."

None of this matches the given translation "I would like to apply him." Neither do I understand the meaning.

I'd rather duolingo would use less pronouns for ambiguous sentences and more nouns like "Betrag" or "Verband" to make it possible to chose the right meaning.

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