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  5. "हमें आम पसंद हैं।"

"हमें आम पसंद हैं।"

Translation:We like mangoes.

September 9, 2018



It says that "mangos" is a typo, but "mangos" and "mangoes" are both valid plurals of "mango". (I guess I'm learning English as I'm learning Hindi. :-) )


Haha, when I saw this sentence I also had a moment of "wait...is it mangos or mangoes?".


Is it the use of हैं that tells us आम is plural in this sentence?


Never mind. That's exactly how we know. आम is the subject of the sentence. So, आम हैं means "mangoes are".


Why the "hum-may" and not just "hum aam pasand hain"? Also - how can I type in Hindi using this program?


I believe it is हमे because it is the dative case of हम. A more literal translation would be "Mangoes are liked by us".

As for typing in devanagari script, I use andriod devices and windows PCs, and all I had to do was download a hindi keyboard for my device.

Hope this helps.

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