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Should Duolingo take away your progress gradually if you don't do enough lessons/translations to reenforce what you learned?

July 9, 2012



I don't think so. Some people are only using duolingo to practice for a short period of time, instead of as their primary way to learn the language. I doubt that I'll be as active as I am right now when I start Spanish 3 in the fall, and I'd hate to have my progress taken away.


YES! I was going to suggest this as well. The carrot and the stick to motivate.

Here's my reasoning:

After the first couple of weeks of using Duolingo I stopped for about a week and a half and when I returned to continue my French studies my memory had certainly faded and was in need of refreshing, but according to my 'stats' I knew just as much as if I had been away for 10 minutes.

The points lost could be 'banked' and a simple refresher test when one next logs in could be taken to gain them all back immediately. I don't think it should be a considerable amount taken away - maybe 5-10/day...or have some sort of exponential amount (1 on the first, 2 the second, 4 the third, etc.)

I only express this opinion because I think it would keep myself and others like me coming back more often, and because, for those who are using Duolingo as a primary study tool, it reflects the fallibility of human memory.


no because i'm just using this as a way to refresh my skills as I haven't studied french since my junior year in high school and am now about to take a 5th semester level college course in french as a college freshman (so needless to say i already know quite a bit of french and I am using this as a refresher tool, not really to learn new stuff)


Some trivia: Duolingo 1.0 (from like a year ago) actually worked that way! The main "points" were the words you learned and they faded based on how well you knew them. The only words you didn’t lose were the ones in your long-term memory. Sounded good in theory but it was frustrating in practice believe me ;)


Definitely not. I study several languages, often going months without practicing a specific language. I would be very frustrated to be forced to redo lessons I've already learned just because some people using the site don't know how to refresh their own memory and think that should be everybody's problem.


@naut: Interesting to know it's been tried out. I just know from my own practice here that if I spend a week or so without attending to my studies I need a bit of refreshing before carrying on. Thanks for the trivia factoid!

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