"Kalian jatuh."

Translation:You fall.

September 9, 2018

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Kalian is in fact "you all" (you plural) not "you" (singular), correct?


Hai teman! You are right, it is plural. The English translation "You fall." is still correct, and even other translations with different tenses are allowed. If "You all fall." / "You all fell. / "You all will fall." were not accepted, then please use the report tool to add your sentence.

Selamat belajar! :)


The course seems reasonable about accepting past tense, but the times I've tried future, it hasn't worked. Have you had any future translations accepted?


Yes, although you can be both singular and plural in English if that was part of the question.


I like how I come here to complain about a certain problem, and I find it. "Ya'll" and "You all" still isn't accepted 3 years later.


Need to add American southern speak to allow "y'all" for "kalian". It's a very accepted slang that most spell checkers allow now.


Hello, I wrote "You fall down" and was marked as incorrect. Is there a specific way to say "You fall down" as opposed to "You fall" ? Should "You fall down" be accepted?


Kamu jatuh should be fine. I think they should accept it


maybe because you fall down = kamu jatuh ke bawah. the 'down' is not necessary

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