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Hebrew from English

Started Hebrew two weeks ago. I am currently on level 9. Born in Casablanca. Pursued my secondary studies in France. French is my native tongue. I also speak English and Spanish. My next goal is to learn Arabic Looking for kindred spirits. tony

September 9, 2018



Learning Hebrew will help you to learn Arabic. I know Arabic and I’m learning Hebrew, and I find it so fun.

Good luck!


I am learning Hebrew because I want to learn Hebrew. Getting a head start on Arabic is only a nice bonus feature :).

Some people say that Hebrew is a "useless" language. Keep in mind that humans are pragmatic creatures. The language is growing at a phenomenal rate - it clearly has a use for some people. A useless language would be expected to have zero speakers, or if it had any speakers, for those speakers to abandon it for another language.


To say Hebrew is "useless" is of course silly and ignorant. But it's true that the language has a small number of speakers compared to English, French, Arabic, or a variety of other languages. But Hebrew is a very vital language with lots of change and new developments. Hebrew is a fascinating study in the creation of new words and language change in development. Keep studying!


אני רוצה להיות חברך! אני אמריקאי ואני מדבר אנגלית וספרדית. אני רוצה ללמוד עברית.


I tried hebrew and is interesting but gave up cuz it was too hard for me (I tried to learn hebrew in 6th grade)


אתה יכול ללמוד את זה!


I feel so dumb! Tried a lesson of Hebrew expecting to be given vocab. even the alphabet. But I got strange sentences, like "The Dad is coming," etc. I don't know the script, can't work out where the verb is and give up (though keep trying) almost straight away! Do you already have to know Hebrew to do this course? I'm still so attracted to Hebrew, regardless!


Tips and notes are only in the desktop version of the site. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Letters-1/tips-and-notes


וואו תמשיך כך לצבור הרבה ידע


Ouais, j'adorerai finir mon arbre, mais il va me prendre au moin quelques mois. Ben, probablement une année ou plus!

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