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  5. "Él es un gran amigo."

"Él es un gran amigo."

Translation:He is a great friend.

March 30, 2013



I thought gran was big, large, great and that good was buen. What gives?


The translation 'He is a great friend.' is also accepted and I think it may merely be that in English a great friend would also be considered a good friend. So DL may merely be stretching a point to cover the interchangeable English usage. (but I am not sure if this is why.)


When certain adjectives are used before the noun they actually have a slightly different meaning. As in this sentence He is a great friend or Él es un gran amigo. But if the sentence were Él es un amigo grande the meaning would be He is a big (or large) man. More likely pertaining to size.

Also just as there is a difference in buen and gran in Spanish, there is that same difference in good and great in English.

I hope that helps. :)


Yes, where the adjective is placed can really change the meaning: " Él es un santo triste." means he is a sad saint, but "Él es un triste santo." means he is a sorry saint.


Why does the adjective not go after the noun here?


I'm also curious on this.


Okay, so I am not 100% sure, but from what I remember, certain adjectives have different meaning if used before or after the noun, and this is one of them. Before it means great, and after it means big.


you are right .... gran amigo=great/grand friend amigo grande = big friend grande becomes gran in front of the noun it cant be grande amigo o amigo gran doesnt work that way


aH1v- gran, cannot go after the verb. If you want to say big, you have to say grande and not gran. Gran always go before a singular name.


The translation here is great. What's your point?


I wrote great and it was marked wrong, saying it should have been good


That's odd, seeing as the given answer says "great" here. I'd say report it.


Me too, I wrote great and it marked it as right.


It appears that they have fixed it.


Could this be Él es un buen amigo??


Yep, but then it will mean "He's a good friend" instead of "He's a great friend". Which is almost the same thing, it just changes the friend's level of importance for you, I suppose. :b


It could also be 'He is a close friend' If I am not mistaken.


Why is 'He is a large friend' wrong? I mean, I'm 5" 1' and almost every one looks large to me. Gran also means large, no?


According to this translation site, the third alternative would be the equivalent of what you used. http://www.spanishdict.com/translation Sometimes it is not that your response is 'wrong' per se, but merely that the creator of the sentence has not considered other possible translations. When you believe that your answer should be accepted use the comment section to indicate that. At some time in the future you may find that it has been accepted and will be added. In the meantime, you will find that this is a sentence which will be reinforced in your mind because you have thought it worthy of a comment. :-) Don't let it discourage you.


friend zoned....lol


So Imma ask him out! ...After I turn sixteen.

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