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Ό,τι and ότι

What's the difference between ό,τι and ότι? I've seen this plenty of times but I can't understand the difference, do they have a different pronunciation?

September 9, 2018



Ό,τι basically means οτιδήποτε (whatever, but not in a "ugh, whatever" way). For example: Θα σου δώσω ό,τι (οτιδήποτε) θέλεις, which means I will give you whatever you want. Ότι on the other hand basically means "that". For example, Ξέρουν ότι τους αγαπάς, which means They know that you love them, as for pronunciation, there's no difference. Also, recently it's become acceptable to use ότι instead of ό,τι, so don't worry if you get it wrong.


Yeah I agree with sock06555 and the examples are great. I think there is just a minor difference in pronunciation. I think ο,τι has an emfasis on o.


They're both stressed on Ο so I don't think there's a difference


yes I agree, they are both stressed on ο, but if I remember correctly from school ό,τι sounds a bit closer to οοτι because of the comma. For example in the sentence: Σκέφτομαι ότι πρέπει να σου δώσω ό,τι επιθυμείς, I believe there is a very small difference in the pronounciation of those two. But it has been a while since I finished school so I might not remember correctly and I wouldn't insist on that :)


I agree with the meaning. On both the stress goes on O, BUT it's saying o,ti as ot.ti it's like a double T.

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