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Word strength improvement

Today I have got several words wrong consistently, however they still appear at full strength in my vocabulary list. Surely it would make sense to reduce the strength of words I consistently get wrong so I get more practice at them?

March 30, 2013



Have you noticed that when you finish a lesson, it only lists 5-7 words that you've strengthened? I think duolingo only tracks specific words in a lesson; it will upgrade or downgrade those words, but nothing happens if you make mistakes on other words.


Yeah I've noticed that as well, but the words I was getting wrong were new words! They seemed to have a lower rating the next day though, and I have no idea why...


I agree. There are some words I forget again and again, but they appear no more often than other "old" words.

I also notice a lot of inconsistencies between strength levels. The unit may have 3 bars while the Practice button inside only 2 bars and the lessons 4 or 3 bars. Where does 2 come from, I wonder?

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