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"Makanan pagi disebut sarapan."

Translation:The morning meal is called breakfast.

September 10, 2018



The English should be "The morning meal is called breakfast."


For things can we use the word "nama"?


Error with the English. Needs 'the' at the start. Also 'morning food' shouldn't be accepted. You can have a snack in the morning but doesn't have to be a 'meal' as such.


The sentence would be better as, Makan pagi juga disebut sarapan. Their sentence needs to be reported as unusual. I would only use the term, makanan pagi to point out what food is for breakfast. Sarapan is used as a verb to mean, having breakfast. One could say, Saya sarapan OR saya makan pagi for having or going to have breakfast.


very well said, 'the morning meal is called breakfast' would be better.

though as lockers points out, it seems the indonesian sentence is also odd in referring to food rather than the meal...


It's not an error, it's just awkward or somewhat unidiomatic.

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