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  5. "Air. Tanah. Api. Udara."

"Air. Tanah. Api. Udara."

Translation:Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

September 10, 2018



Only the avatar, master of all four elements can stop them.


tetapi ketika dunia membutuhkannya, dia menghilang.


Avatar: Pelengkung Udara Terakhir


Setelah seratus tahun, Kakak dan saya menemukan Avatar baru - Pelengkung Udara bernama Aang.


This is exactly remind me of something ..


Hanya Avatar yang bisa menguasai keempat elemen


Why Tanah as "land" is wrong?


Literally, it's not wrong, but contextually, "Earth" is the clear choice. Still I'd be comfortable with land being an acceptable alternative. Report it and see.


Earth without context is bound to be understood as "world"


The context is it's a "four elements" type thing, wherein it's usually called "earth". Although Pokemon does have a "Ground" type instead...


Would Indonesians have recognized these four Greek elements or the Chinese five?


Both of them, i suppose


They were a sort of borderland in that way. How wonderfully interesting.


As far as I know, Indonesians don't have a native "classical elements" concept, though we'd recognise both of these.

Indonesians would have recognised Chinese five elements since Indonesian have a much longer history with China since the ancient times. The influence likely come together with Buddhism, so the Five Elements is probably more ingrained into certain parts of Indonesian culture especially those that still have strong Hinduism/Buddhism influence.

Europeans came to Indonesia a bit later and also brought in their culture and religion, but at this point the classical Four Elements are also losing popularity in the then-contemporary European culture as this was during the dawn of scientific revolution; so I don't think it ingrained as strongly on Indonesian culture either. Though we'd still recognize Four Elements as classical Greek, though in this case it's less spiritual and more in the theatrical/academic sense.


That's quite interesting. The reason I asked really was that I wondered whether the Classical four elements came with Islam. Indian influence is older, of course, but I don't know whether they had a concept of elements, like the Greeks and Chinese.

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