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  5. "I open the book."

"I open the book."

Translation:Saya membuka buku itu.

September 10, 2018



One of the option it provided was "Saya membuka buku tersebut". Apparently "tersebut" means "aforementioned", or "said".

Eg. I opened said book.

Just in case anyone else was confused as I was


Hai teman! The use of "tersebut" is correct in this sentence. It is translated as "the" / "that" / "those". And yes, the Indonesian meaning would be something like "what is said" or "which is mentioned", but I am not really sure about the literal translation here. So, I prefer not to think of that, though I would say it is interesting indeed. Perhaps, I think it is good to know a different sentence construction, or different uses of "tersebut", but this is still very advanced for me. That I have said is as much as I know.

I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)


'tersebut' was discussed in another sentence.
Please have a look here :

There is an example sentence that (hopefully) explains how 'tersebut' is normally used.

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