"Seit ich Orangen gegessen habe, esse ich Obst gerne."

Translation:Since I have eaten oranges, I like to eat fruit.

March 30, 2013

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can someone please explain the difference between "gerne" and "mögen"?


"Ich mag es, Obst zu essen." and "Ich esse gern Obst." both mean the same, but they are used in different constructions. Mögen is a verb. It's often used in Präsens: "Ich mag Tiere." (I like animals.) or in Konjunktiv: "Ich möchte ein Eis." (I want ice-cream.) In colloquial German you might also hear: "Ich mag jetzt in den Zoo." (I wanna go to the zoo.)

Gern on the other hand is an adverb, so it's only used together with a verb, meaning the verb is done with joy "Ich spiele gern Gitarre." (I like playing the guitar.) or willingly "Das mache ich doch gern." (="I'll gladly do that." -> Don't mention it.) In connection with haben it means love or like: "Sie hat ihr Haustier gern." (She likes her pet.)


Thanks, that's very helpful.

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