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Connection or coindicende: 'çift' and 'çiftçi'?

Is there a connection between the words for pair and farmer?

September 10, 2018



"Çift" also means a pair of cattle according to TLS online dictionary, in the phrase "çift sürmek" which means to plow a field. (lit. driving a pair). That might be the connection.


According to the Turkish Language Society online dictionary "çift" also means tax, farmers had to pay once in a year during Ottoman and also means tractor but we are using "traktör" for it right now.

I just learned all of them thank you for asking :)


Neat, thanks! So perhaps tax links to farmer. I wonder if there is a link between tax and pair?


you may check this etymological dictinoary http://www.nisanyansozluk.com/?k=%C3%A7ift%C3%A7i

Looks like it means a man using a pair of oxen.

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