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"Probabilmente la strada non sarebbe stata facile."

Translation:The road probably would not have been easy.

May 6, 2014



"The path would probably not have been easy" was marked wrong :-o


" The street would probably not have been easy" was marked wrong too. Our word order sounds right to me though.


This word order sounds right to me too, though I don't know the rules about where adverbs should be placed in English.


The word order is definitely right


The road would probably not have been easy ... was rejected. Should have been acceptable. Word order is acceptable in English, and yet Duo tries to teach English when I'm supposed to be learning Italian. Diminishing marginal returns on time spent with Duo.


Completely agree with all three points. In fact I believe your word order is right and certainly how we would say it in English


I agree. I know what is acceptable in English and DL does not seem to know that in this case.


Now it accepts "street", but that makes no sense.


The road would probably not have been easy, should be marked correct.

[deactivated user]

    Apparently “The street would probably not have been easy is wrong”. The ‘correct’ answer is “The street probably wouldn’t have been easy”. Seriously? How strict does DL have to be?


    I guess it is idiomatic in English? This is said from one to another to indicate that a personal choice in one's life would not have been easy. Like, "I wanted to become a doctor, when I was little, but ..", and then someone replies, "The road probably would not have been easy."


    Right, but does this idiom actually exist in Italian too?


    A literal street or road doesn't make much sense here. I think this sentence must be talking more about a route or course of action. "Sono sulla mia strada" = "I'm on my way" is an example showing that "strada" does not necessarily mean a physical road. Could a native Italian please confirm this possibility?


    OK I know I'm whining a little here, BUT ... I was really pleased that I could translate this sentence to Italian, and then I got marked wrong because I typed "no" instead of "non". I think I should have gotten an "almost correct" :-)

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