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  5. "Mohon minum air yang banyak."

"Mohon minum air yang banyak."

Translation:Please drink plenty of water.

September 10, 2018



Lots of should be allowed as a translation of banyak. After all, it's one of the options provided if you click on banyak.


Is it viable to say "minum banyak air" or "minum air banyak"?


I would say, Mohon minum banyak air. I guess I'm wrong, but air yang banyak sounds more like water that is plentiful.


/Mohon/ is a strong word that means something like 'implore' or 'beseech' in isolation. /Mohon maaf/ is what you say to beg forgiveness from someone.


I thought silikan was please


There is a significant difference between the usage of "silakan" (or silahkan) and "mohon". If you say "silakan", you are saying that the person you are speaking to is welcome to do something, but you are not saying that you want them to do it. "Mohon" is used when you are pleading with someone to do something. "Tolong" is somewhere in between "silakan" and "mohon" in meaning, it is a more casual way of asking someone to do something for you.


So...mohon minum air is more likely something you'd hear when begging a stubborn child to stay hydrated, rather than inviting a houseguest to grab a pitcher of water?


Silakan is please. But it is contextual. Especially good for, “please help yourself.”

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