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Introducing KatyCatz, Duolingo's newest CM!

We're super excited to welcome KatyCatz as Duolingo's Senior Community Manager :)

Let's start things off with a little intro Q&A. Katy welcomes your questions too!

What's your Duolingo Username?

KatyCatz <-- Yep, total cat lady here.

Where are you from/where do you live?

I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but have been living in Seattle for 12 years. I have also lived in Boston, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, and Pachuca, HGO.

What are your interests?

Outside of language learning I'm a big fan of reading non-fiction, traveling internationally, and drinking sherry and scotch. Little known fact: I have visited scotch, rum, cachaça, mezcal, tequila, vodka, gin, sherry, cognac and wine distilleries and wineries in more than a dozen countries since 2012.

What languages do you know?

I speak Spanish by way of living and studying in Mexico as a teen but am currently interested in learning more Brazilian Portuguese.

Why do you love language learning?

I am always looking to meet and make new friends. Traveling and studying throughout Mexico as a teenager shaped me as I became an adult. Speaking a second language changed my life and even my career path. I have witnessed firsthand how language learning can open doors to opportunities and change people's lives for the better. The bonus is that knowing more than one language allows you to travel easier, make more friends, and help others, too! It's been such a blessing to know a second language and I'm grateful for all the friends and opportunities it has brought me.

What's your favorite part about working for Duolingo?

Working with insanely talented and creative people who want to bring free education to the world. There's something so inspiring about working for a company whose mission is to offer the opportunity to change people's lives - for free!

What do you have on your desk? What are your tools?

I'm a big fan of the Pomodoro Technique and frequently revisit The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Got a language learning tip to share with the community?

Vowels! If you're learning a Latin-based language or even Japanese, reading and pronouncing vowels is much simpler than doing so in English. AEIO and U only have one pronunciation each, so long as you're omitting words with accent marks. So if you master how to pronounce AEIO and U, you can read in your learning language like a pro! Even long words like Parangaricutirimicuaro will be easy to read and speak.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I'm not at work I'm enjoying playtime with my 5-month-old twin daughters Ava and Frankie. We play music and shake rattles, we go on long evening walks, and we are just starting to explore solid foods together. When the girls get older I look forward to introducing them to alpine skiing, kayaking, and hiking.

Tell us about a common mistake you still make in a certain language.

Learning Portuguese after learning Spanish has proven tricky for me. Some words are extremely similar while others are not at all. Some conjunctions are the same and some words in Portuguese mean something else entirely in Spanish. It's just a reminder that practice makes perfect and using Duolingo to study and brush up frequently is important.

September 10, 2018



Bem-vinda e boa sorte :) I hope you will have a great time here! Congratulations and success with your new position!
I am sure you will do a splendid job :)


Wow, KatyCatz, if I didn't know better I'd think you were me. :-O

Welcome aboard from one crazy cat lady, alcohol connoisseur, language loving Katy to another.


Oh. My. Word. This is so cool! We're basically twins, I guess? :)


Hola Katy, what will be your role in Duolingo? Could you tell us what exactly will you do here?


Of course! Thanks to the addition of new language courses and expanded language trees, there are more and more people visiting Duolingo every day. And with that comes more visits to the forums, more people wanting to join the the Global Ambassador program, etc. So I'm here to assist Duolingo's Community team in managing and supporting people who use Duolingo in various capacities. I'll be a presence here in the forums and I'll help manage the Educator Network. I'm basically a conduit and a resource for users of Duolingo.


Welcome! It's always good to see another cat lady ;D


Bienvenue Katy. Bonne chance avec votre nouvelle position.


Welcome, KatyCatz! :-) I wish you joy and success in your new function.


Anyone else cat fan? I clearly am, the name Hollyleaf if you know. Anyone read the books? Cat fans that don't read the books prob won't know what I'm talking about lol.


I know what series you're talking about, Hollyleaf. I read the first three series and part of the fourth.


una gran mañana

disfrutar del día

Espero que tengas un momento agradable


Hi People of all of the world!


I'm glad you're interested in Brazilian Portuguese – good course here. But spare a thought for the people who want to learn Portuguese Portuguese! We need a couple of units in the Portuguese course that cover European grammar and vocabulary. These would be something I could spend my lingots/gems on – I've bought the only two add-ons in the shop already!

And welcome!


Thank you! This is great feedback and I'll make sure to send it up the chain. As a small team and small company we have a long long list of to-dos. Adding more courses and of course more languages is always a goal of ours. Hoping we can make this happen sooner than later!


KatyCatz, you sound like someone who knows what she/he wants and why she/he wants it, and you look it! Congratulations! And welcome aboard!


helloo.. nice to see you KatyCatz :) Hi, I am a newbie. By the way, i am curious, what the function of senior community manager?


Katy replied to a comment above that she helps the Community Team to support and manage people who use Duolingo in various capacities and manages the Educator Network. So, just helping out in the community, basically.


Yep! That's exactly right. :)


yo soy Mexicano me alegra que conozcas mi país, y ya que trabajas en duolingo y que tienes la llave de la bóveda de lingotes pasame unos XD , solo bromeo un gusto saber de ti chau


Welcome and good luck!


Good luck with the Brazilian Portuguese, what is your favorite regional accent?


I don't know enough BR Portuguese to choose a favorite but I'm mostly familiar with speakers from Paraná and São Paulo as those are the only two states I have visited so far. What about you?


Me, and my two cats salute you, buon viaggio!


Bienvenue! This is the first time I've tried my French out on anyone other than my family. Hopefully I spelled it right!!


Hello KatyCatz :-)

A few days ago, a new tree was released (to some users, including me) in French. There are several discussions; for example this one https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29027127

and this one: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29010358

The question that worries me is this (discussed in the first thread I linked to): Was this new tree created by staff? Were the volunteer contributors involved in the process?

The sentiment that I get from the discussion is that the volunteers were left out, and this would not feel right to me because they have created all the language-related contributions to Duolingo so far.

Would it be possible for you to give a clarification of the matter?

I'm sorry that I have to post this in this thread, but I couldn't work out any other possibility of contacting you. Many thanks! :-) Heike


Hello! I apologize for my delayed response as I have been in meetings throughout the day.

So clarify, the new French tree still includes all the content from the previous tree. The change is that our language experts have added additional content to the beginning of the tree in order to provide better coverage of A1 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) content. Our plan is to continue to iterate on the course to improve its effectiveness. We do this incrementally by starting with the latest version of the course and continuously adding new material to improve our vocabulary and grammar coverage an help learners reach a high level of fluency based on our test results and a rigorous scientific framework. Volunteers who helped create course content have been and will still be involved in improving the courses. In fact, much of their content will also still be used in the tree. As with all Duolingo courses, we are constantly testing and improving our content as we grow. Please rest assured knowing that our main objective is (and always will be) to teach people languages with the best possible content. This sometimes means we have to iterate on contributors' work by adding insights from our own language learning experts. It's collaborative. And while we have gotten (much needed and much appreciated) help from our volunteers, we do also rely on our own staff and their expertise as well. We couldn't do it without everyone involved and while we made the mistake of not announcing these course changes, we are grateful to everyone who has played part in this effort to improve Duolingo and the French course by offering a deeper and richer learning experience.


Hello everyone! So excited to be here. :)


So what is your favorite single malt?

I love Laphroaig 10 and Lagavulin 16.

Coool to have you here! Good luck!


My favorite scotches all come from Islay, too. (Gotta love that peat!) But if I could be choosy I'd select Airigh Nam Beist from Ardbeg. It's my favorite release of theirs and is sadly no longer available. But I have a bottle at home! Along with about 250 other bottles of Scotch.


Oh, a fellow peat lover! Slainte! Another Islay sm I like is Ardbeg 10 and Islay single malts are generally my favorites. Maybe some day I have a whisky cabinet full of all kinds of tasty single malts. From Highland and Japan as well.

E você está aprendendo português brasileiro também, muito legal! Boa sorte!


Obrigada. And yes, a cabinet of single malts... so dreamy!


Ever been to the Whisky Fringe in Scotland? We went once many years ago: 10 pounds for a snifter you get to keep and tastes of any whisky from nearly every distillery in Scotland--all in a gorgeous defunct church with pre-Raphaelite murals on the walls (by a largely unknown woman painter!).


The incredible venue: http://www.mansfieldtraquair.co.uk/history/

The price may have gone up, but if you love whisky, Edinburgh in August is the place to be!


Adding to my bucket list! Thank you so much for sharing. I knew about the annual festival on Islay but this sounds much much bigger.


Hello Katy What type of cats do u like?


All types! I've had both purebreds and rescues. I'm also fascinated by wild cats but prefer to keep them in the wild, of course. I'd also like to note that I'm a cat owner but do also love dogs. I just don't have the right lifestyle for dogs.


Yes. Dogs are okay. Cat lovers seem really scarce in my world, currently.


Hoi Katy! Good luck as CM! 53 lingots to help you on your way! But I'm curious; how exactly did you get here and why were you chosen over everyone else? (No offense with that last question, just general curiosity.)


How I got here: I'm a lifelong fan of language, began learning Spanish as a child, traveled to and lived in Mexico off/on for many years. (30/31 states, to be exact!) My mother is an ESL teacher and I found Duolingo a few years ago when working for the second time at a Brazilian-owned company and wanted to learn more Portuguese. Learning language has always been a hobby among all my family members so knowing about Duolingo and their mission to bring free language learning to the world was one that I aligned with well. Knowing two languages has changed my life so I wanted to be a part of a company that changes lives for that same reason. Fun facts: My twin sister is fluent in French. I am a Spanish speaker. My father also speaks Spanish, plus some Russian and Japanese. My mother is always practicing her Spanish but struggles to really become fluent and so she diligently uses Duolingo to improve. My brother only speaks "sports".

Why was I chosen: I wish I knew the exact reasons. In job interviews no one ever tells you why you did or didn't get the job. I can only surmise that I was either the best (or only?) candidate. I'd like to think the former! I have 10 years of experience managing online communities and so I hope that combined with my interest in language learning, it was enough to sway the interviewers in my direction. But really, who knows? I just applied, interviewed, and was asked if I wanted the job and said, "Duh. Heck yeah!". So here I am. :) Sorry it's not a juicier answer, I'm sure HR knows more about my hire than I do. I just applied and the rest is herstory.


herstory? Really?

Edit: I received a few dislikes. For what? For asking why you would say 'herstory'? I didn't say anything negative about women. I solely responded with a touch of surprise, because I am a lover of words, and behind every word there is a meaning; thus, when you used the word, "herstory" instead of the correct "history", I immediately noticed the meaning (the advocacy of feminism). Now, the debate upon feminism is such an old and on-going one, that to add my pinch of salt to the conversation would be redundant. But I would love for the world to know how fair the playing fields are for women in America alone. Really. Feminism worked (before the 1980's, when it was actually NEEDED), but now it seems like pure boredom.


Fun and cute! A sense of humor is a necessity in language learning! A key to success!


Well, I thought it was a funny play on words...


Play on words indeed. And also a little nod to a show I love where the word 'herstory' replaces history as a little joke. Was hoping someone might pick up on that. Just wanted to add something a little fun to the post. :)


The word has been around since the 1970s.

Wikipedia: Herstory is history written from a feminist perspective, emphasizing the role of women, or told from a woman's point of view. The principal aim of herstory is to bring women out of obscurity from the historical record.

Among the earliest works of herstory are the books of Ruth and Esther in the Bible, The Trojan Women, by Euripides, and the Buddhist Therigatha (Verses of the Bikkhunis, the women's Sangha).

We don't have courses in Biblical Hebrew, Classical Greek, Pali, or Sanskrit, but modern Hebrew, Greek, and Hindi will do to get started. Actually speaking a modern language makes it much easier to get a firm grasp of the ancient versions.


It needs to go to other nations as well, many developing countries, to say nothing of countries with a bad human rights track record, have unequal rights for men and women which goes unnoticed or unaddressed due to the sheer number of pressing issues.


That is so awesome! I was born in Brazil, but i was raised in Jersey! Im currently learning Italian!


Good luck Katy! I hope you do well here! What exactly do you do here?


Thanks much! As with most CM jobs, I exist as a sort of bridge between Duolingo and the community of users that Duolingo has. I'm around to engage with folks on the forum, answer questions, and really just be a voice and advocate for the community to HQ; I can collect feedback and raise concerns that you may have with new features, new products, etc. I am also around to assist with anything relating to the Global Ambassador network, and beyond.


That's wonderful that they decided to create such a role. It has been much needed. Congratulations on your new job and best of luck.


Thank you so much!


Glad theres a Admin that lofes to talk about something exept duolingo reps etc etc


Thanks! Have a nice day!


Hello! Glad you could come and join!


Ciao! Good luck with your Portuguese ventures.


Se precisar de ajuda, é só me contatar.


¿Cuantos gatos tienes?


En este momento tengo solo una gata y se llama Moxie. Tiene 11 años y de hecho, hoy es el aniversario de cuando la adopté!


Moxie es una nombre de cezerva de el hstoria Nothing But Trouble>(NBT)


Hi Katy, I was wondering what it was like to be a staff member of Duolingo.


So far so good! The company is full of creative and talented people. I feel extremely fortunate to be among people with such drive and to work for a company that has such a wonderful mission.


Thanks for answering my question! P.S. Do you like Star Trek?


I have enjoyed Star Trek but cannot claim to be a big fan. If I were to attend a Star Trek trivia night, for example, I would let the team down. But I don't dislike Star Trek; I just have more interest in non-fiction than sci-fi or fantasy. Much to my husband's dismay.


In school we are reading Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. https://www.amazon.com/Narrative-Life-Frederick-Douglass/dp/0486284999 ^ Link to the book


wow you're getting lingot rich just by a sentence!


More for me to give away, I guess! :)


Congrats on becoming the community manager! :)


Thank you very much.


Nice to meet you, and welcome! How was living in Boston?


Thank you. I enjoyed Boston very much despite not having much experience with such cold winter weather in the past. My mother is from Boston so it was nice to spend time there and learn more about where she grew up. I still have family there but haven't been to visit in about 3-4 years.


Hello, Hola, Glad to be a part of this discussion, very interesting. Good luck with your new language venture!


Wow, So excited to have you as our senior @KatyCatz.

[deactivated user]

    Bienvenue! Can't remember what 'welcome' was in Spanish!


    i hope you do good in duelingo


    Bienvenida, Katy. Le deseo todo lo mejor en su aventura de idiomas. Que vengan en su camino revelaciónes, risas, y muchas más experiencias inolvidables. ;) ¡Espero verla por el foro de Duolingo!


    Muchisimas gracias! Que bonitas cosas para decir. :) Estoy super feliz de estar aquí.


    Katy, how can I connect with duolingo learners who are around level 24 Spanish?


    This is a great question, Janie. We don't currently have a way for users to socially connect with other users who are on a specific level but I like the idea that it could be something people would want to do. Perhaps one way to look for people on/near level 24 Spanish would be by posting a Discussion topic about it in the Spanish forums. Are you using the Spanish forums at all? Here's a link to connect you. It's where conversations and discussions take place among felling Spanish learners and speakers. https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/2/hot


    Aunque mi nivel del español en Duolingo no parece impresionante, hablo el español. Tengo unos catorce años de aprendizaje por mi propio cuenta. Vivíamos en México por casi seis años. Mi español no es perfecto, pero sí lo hablo. Buen día.


    Seis años es mucho tiempo! En donde viviste? Gracias por compartir acerca de ti.


    Hi, is CatyCatz a new user or just generally unactive with the forums? I've never seen her before...


    Hi Katy:

    First off, Congratulations!

    Second, do you happen to know if Latin will ever be put as a language course on Duolingo?

    Thank you


    Latin would be so so so amazing! Similar to questions raised about other languages/courses here in this thread, I don't (yet) have a specific answer to that question. Duolingo's goal would most certainly be to have as many language courses as possible for people to learn. But we have to make calculated moves that don't stretch our resources too thin. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to how we expand and when. So hang tight! I know lots of people want Latin and I hope to see it on Duolingo one day, too.


    Hmm. I don't drink alcohol, but I would be happy to engage anyone on the countries that produce the best coffee, tea, and chocolate, where I have friends working on projects in more than 100 languages, and education more generally.


    Welcome, Katy! Your vowel tip? You should try Hungarian! [laughs wickedly]


    Oh boy. Now I'm curious!


    Thoughts about pineapple on pizza?


    Of you like all those strong beverages you should try Dutch jenevers one day. I am curious weather you like them..


    Welcome,bienvenida,benvenuta,bemvinda :)


    I'm originally Spanish and I'm studying Chinese since I just L-O-V-E the culture there.The language and history is awesome too. I've been recently motivated to learn it since my mom now starts watching Chinese dramas instead of Spanish telenovelas. How will you be helping the duolingo community? Oh my,where are my manners?!Welcome KatyCatz! Bienvenida! Huanying! ☺☺☺


    Thanks for the welcome! The answer to your question about how I can help is rather a long one, in truth. Ultimately I'm here to facilitate a safe learning environment, to manage fun social engagements, and to generally help keep our forums a clean and fun place for people to "hang out" while they're learning (a) new language(s).


    Great! I'm curious though. Who was the previous senior manager and what happened to her/him?


    With a community of millions and a tiny Community team, it was finally time to grow the team! No CMs were replaced. ;P


    Oh ok! I understand now :)


    Maybe you should include that in the post. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll be wondering. Maybe change the title so it says first DM instead of newest DM, because it gets kind of confusing...


    What happened to dogs? >_


    No worries, dogs are well taken care of too. Imagine all the cat truffles for dogs to feast on, a true utopia.


    !Hola! Welcome! I am currently looking for a classroom to learn spanish in, sure, I don't know what it'll do but i know that it will help! ;P


    Why is this disliked? :( That is very mean. Here is three lingots just to prove the other people wrong for disliking someone who wants to learn.


    First off, there are other places to post this. This isn't a good location.

    Secondly, I would recommend against joining a stranger's classroom, as it gives the "teacher" access to personal information. In some cases, they can even prevent you from certain parts of the course!


    Hello and welcome! I am Alex, nice to meet you.

    I am one of the long-standing Duolingo users, who has become alienated over the past few years. I used to actively promote Duolingo, I even made some YouTube videos about it...but I have mostly stopped using the site because I feel like it has no longer been useful to me after some of the major changes. For years I felt super grateful to Duolingo and wanted to give back to them in the form of donation, and was frustrated I was unable to do so. As soon as I was able to join Duolingo plus, I did...but that happened at a time when there were changes being made to the site that I really disliked. I subscribed for two months and then cancelled my subscription, feeling angry and betrayed. I have been mostly unhappy with the direction the management has been taking Duolingo in over the past two years, and from my perspective, the site is effectively broken for me because it no longer is useful for language learning the way it had been when I started using it.

    I am always interested in sharing my perspectives, experiences, and thoughts with anyone who is interested in listening. I think it would be possible to address some of my concerns. Whether or not management is interested in doing so, however, is another question. But I'm willing to share my perspectives if someone wants to listen.

    The lack of communication with the userbase has been one of my largest points of frustration, although I also have deep concerns with the product / system itself, and I think major changes would need to happen for me to come back as a user and advocate for Duolingo.

    Hopefully you can help address what I see as one of the weakest links or largest deficiencies in the whole Duolingo system, the lack of communication between the paid staff or employees who run the company, and the users. I think if this communication could be improved, it might lead towards some of the deep deficiencies in Duolingo being addressed in the long-run.

    And good luck with Portuguese. I saw great results with Duolingo's portuguese course, using it as my main resource when learning the language from scratch a few years ago. I found it yielded real-world results as measured by my ability to understand native speakers, understand video online, and converse in person! I don't know if the site or app is still as useful as it was to me back then...I no longer feel like it's helping me much in any languages, so I would be doubtful of its potential to actually work for you the way it did for me back then. But I hope you're able to see some progress with it anyway.


    Hi cazort,

    I was wondering what alienated you? I was very, very disappointed that immersion was dropped. It really was the only feature of duolingo that went beyond a B1 or B2 level. Probably half of my duolingo friends quit after that. They have gone to, and even created, alternative translation sites. But the sites are not the same. I hope some day duolingo will find a way to bring immersion back.

    Another feature I miss is the activity stream. It was suddenly removed about a year ago. Luis stated that it had been slowing down the system. He promised that they would invent some sort of replacement, but so far there has been nothing. I found it very useful in communicating with my students and a couple dozen of duolingo friends.

    I was also very frustrated when I lost my nearly 1,000-day streak in part due to a glitch, and despite writing desperate notes, emails and forum discussions, I never heard from any staff member. And in those days you could even buy a streak repair on IOS! I'm so OCD that I probably would have paid $40 to get it back. Or better, 5,000 lingots. ;)


    I have only been on Duolingo for three or four months, but I have heard about this 'Immersion' from many speakers. Right now Duolingo is indeed up until B1, with possibly some B2 grammar, but after that you have to move to other media. I did, however, not see this as a bad thing. I currently have a B2 level in French and am aiming to reach C1. But once you have this level you can read French novels and watch French films, which is even more fun than learning via Duolingo. I mean, films for studying!! So now that I learn French by other media, I moved to my second language on Duolingo: Swedish.

    I see that I get an English next to my name, but that was only because I simutaneously did the French -> English and English -> French courses.


    You may not be able to reach that level with Duolingo alone, but I've found that supplementing it with a lot of practice can still get you there. Of course, there is no substitute for practicing with a live person, but consuming media is a very effective way to get to the level you seek on reading and listening comprehension.

    Netflix is actually a great resource. You can watch many shows with closed captioning in the target language (i.e. Spanish with Spanish closed captioning for the hearing impaired). Yes, thee are times when the oral dialog doesn't match the closed captioning, but those are relatively few. Chinese language shows also have a lot of subtitles in the original language because of mutually unintelligible dialects and the sometime use of Mandarin and Cantonese speaking actors in the same program.

    If you use netflix and rewind to the place you didn't understand, then put on the English subtitles, you learn a lot of interesting slang that you wouldn't otherwise find in any course. Doing this is getting me to the level you're seeking, and I regularly read the online papers in Spanish, French, and Catalan. I also regularly do Netflix with these languages (although there is far too little available in Catalan, there are more resources online, and both Merli and Benvinguts a la Familia are totally worth it). I do it in Mandarin occasionally too (be sure to check out the Disguiser if you like spy shows).

    Best of luck in your studies!


    Alex, thank you for your candid response. It's both great to hear and sad to hear. Great because I want this feedback and I want to change your experience. Sad because you've been unhappy and have scaled back your level of participation in the community that you once loved so much. Let's fix that! I'm going to be visible here in the forums for you (or anyone) to reach out to me.


    Important question: Will the additional forum cat affect the safety of the Duo bird?


    Hello Katy. Congratulations for the position at Duo :) and best of luck


    Thanks so kindly!


    Congrats and welcome to Duolingo! I'm also a cat person, and I love learning Spanish with a little bit of Esperanto here and there.


    So cool! I ought to try a few Esperanto lessons one of these days. My wish list of languages to learn is scary long!


    Good luck KatyKatz!


    Boa sorte; bienvenue


    Hi KatyCatz, lovely to meet you!
    I wish you luck, and I thank you so much for your part in this wonderful, free place.

    You are definitely appreciated and we're looking forward to getting to know you better!
    Best wishes! (ᵔᴥᵔ)


    What a bright spot in my busy day. Thanks for this kind message!


    Hi KatyCatz
    Welcome onboard. I hope that as part of your job you go through the different on-going discussions on new languages and give feedback. There used to be a list of links to requests for new languages to go into the incubator, but I can't seem to find it now. One such request for Basque can be found at: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/7674974/Let-s-make-Basque-happen. For over 3 years Crush and many others have been trying to get Basque into the incubator, and, despite meeting all the conditions, a draft course and an on-going letter writing campaign that has attracted the attention of a large number of fluent English/Spanish - Basque speakers, we have gotten almost nothing in response, which is quite frustrating to people. There have been discussions of allowing groups/governments to contribute funds toward the development of new courses, but nothing has been heard from Duolingo on this idea. Anyway, best of luck on your new position and I hope there will be more communication from Duolingo in the future. Regards RGB


    I believe the number of requests for various courses and languages come in at such a high volume that it has not become possible to respond to them all. Which is a good problem to have, I suppose? It's hard to say 'no' so often because it's not for a lack of wanting to offer new languages. The long and the short of it was touched on above, however. Duolingo is extremely thoughtful and methodical about how/when to add new languages and while the plan is to have every language possible available to language learners, we have to go about that carefully. It's about quality of lessons over quantity at the moment. Please trust the process. I hope to see Basque on our language list one day as well, though! Also, fun fact... Did you know the largest Basque population outside of Spain is in Boise, Idaho? I was there on a work trip years ago and discovered that there are some 11,000 expats that have emigrated over the last many decades. There's even an entire neighborhood dedicated to Basque culture, businesses, food, etc.


    Hi KatyCatz Thank you for your reply. One problem we have is that nobody seems to know what the process for adding a new language really is. What was put out does not seem to match reality. For a new language to be approved seems to depend on either the personal interest of someone on your team (which explains the two fictional languages) or the number of comments you get from existing members, which of course does not include all the people who do not use Duolingo because it does not offer languages they are interested in. I am glad you know about the Basque population in Boise. The university there also offers a minor in Basque as does several others around the world. Due to the large migration of Basque people in tthe 19th & 20th century, there are also a large number of communities in South America and letters from the heads of several Basque cultural groups have sent Mrs Awodey messages in support of a Basque course. Anyway I am glad we have someone who at least responds and hope that whatever system you have for approving new languages will eventually get around to approving Basque. regards rgb


    I know. It's extremely frustrating not to hear back. And for that, I'm sorry. We can do better and I will personally try to be as transparent as I can be whenever possible. There are some company policies and procedures I cannot share and I hope you can understand that. Currently we are (fortunate to be) bombarded with thousands upon thousands of requests for new courses. More than we can possibly manage in a thoughtful way, in fact. And rather than respond to each of these emails and comments personally, we have a team focused on developing and building and supporting new courses. With +300 million users we rely on user data, the number of requests, and various other factors to determine what our next steps are when adding courses. This is not a team I work on personally so I don't want to speak out of turn or make assumptions, but I trust the process and know it's slow-going as we're currently still a rather small company with limited resources. If we could do it all and do it well, we would. But we can only go so fast while still maintaining the quality we demand of each course.


    Hi KayCatz Thanks for your answer and please don't let negative comments get you down. It is great to get responses, even if it isn't what I want to hear. Hopefully Duolingo will allow organizations to donate money and resources toward developing new courses so you can offer more languages. Best wishes rgb


    I love learning new languages because you can make lots of new friends


    Hello KatyCatz!

    random question : How many cats have you ever had?


    Great question! When I was a child we always had 1-2 cats in our home at any given time. In order we've had: Nicky, Chloe, Chessie, Paisley, Phantom, Phoebe, Riley, Sofi, Burlington, and then Weasley. As an adult post-college, I moved out of state and I got Moxie. She's 11 now as of June 29. She's a Pixie Bob from a rescue situation. I have also had an amazing cat named Peaty. Sadly, Peaty passed away in 2015 at 6 mos old due to complications from a botched neuter. We have decided it's best to give Moxie the solo-cat life as she did not completely seem to enjoy sharing a home with a second cat.

    Everyone in my family is a cat person. By brother has a cat named S'mores and my twin sister has two cats: Penny and Persey.


    Welcome and good luck!


    Good evening everyone! I like duolingo soo much


    Is Latin going to be added to Duo anytime soon? Burning Question


    Parangaricutirimicuaro, bela referencia de chapolin. Ele ainda faz muito sucesso aqui no Brasil.

    Comecei com o Duolingo à 2 dias, muito bom ver ótimas pessoas na equipe.

    Bons estudos


    ciao welcome to duolingo


    Hi KatyCatz glad you are here!!!


    Aww, your daughters must be soo cute. I love cats too.


    If you need any help with Portuguese you can talk to me :) I live in Portugal, so it's not brazilan portuguese, just portuguese


    It's in the first sentence of the first post of this thread:

    We're super excited to welcome KatyCatz as Duolingo's Senior Community Manager :)


    congratulations on having a year streak tomorrow!


    Have you been to Japan? It is the greatest place ever to exist.


    I have been to Japan 3 times, so far! I absolutely LOVE Japan, am obsessed with the food, and can't wait to take my kids there. We've decided it will be our first trip abroad with them when they're a bit older. I have some distant cousins who are Japanese, actually.


    Hola Katycatz Cuantós años tienes?


    Depending on the culture, this is a question that can be impolite to ask someone. If the concern is that I'm young, I assure you I am not. But thanks for asking nonetheless. Let's keep some things a mystery, shall we? ;)


    CÈAD mile FAILTÈ


    Go raibh maith agat.


    Hello, my name is Mauro, I'm come from Brazil and I would like to much train with you... at the moment I am studying 6 languages in the same time: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Mandarin.. so, when you have a free time we can train together...


    Que libros en español recomiendas? Para 'beginners'? Ahora, leyendo Harry Potter.


    Yo quiero aprender espanol


    Que buena pregunta! Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que leí un libro en Español pero leí el Hobbit y lo disfruté mucho. ¿Ves películas en español? Pienso que es una excelente manera de aprender el idioma también. Para mi, las de Pixar o Disney fueron las que me gustaron más. Mi película favorita que he visto en inglés y también español es Shrek. Para mí, es mucho más divertido en Español.


    Muchas gracias por la repuesta! Voy a ver Shrek in espanol. Es un buena idea. Tengo el DVD, pero nunca pense a ver in espanol. Buenas suerte en tu trabajo nuevo.

    [deactivated user]

      You seem like a very nice lady. :D


      Hello, Kate! I'm Yana. I'm from Belarus, Minsk city. And I adore Duolingo!


      Hi Yana, thank you for saying hello and for using Duolingo. Glad to see you here in our forums.


      Hello Katy, welcome to DL. While I am happy you are here, I have to agree with OGIK1, who said we are here to learn a language. Socializing is not high on my list. I need answers with grammar for instance, and people who speak a language fluently are not necessarily able to teach it. I speak fluently German, English and French but only learned how to teach, and answer language-related questions after a couple of university degrees. So my question is simply this: why did you write " tengo solo una gata" instead of using the adverb "solamente", or, if it was meant to mean, I have merely one cat, "tengo solo..." (with and accent mark), or even "tengo una sola (with accent) gata, I have an only cat... Those are the questions I would like to have answered, all the social talk is fine but not for me. Tettah


      I find it ironic that you point out Katy's omission of the accent mark when you didn't or couldn't use it yourself. They are super easy to install on a Mac, and I'm sure Windows has also developed simple solutions. At any rate, she has explained that her role is to act as a liaison between the DL staff and community of users. As far as answering grammar questions, many moderators and advanced learners add their contributions to the discussions regarding individual sentences. The best points have links to online grammar sites. You might supplement your studies by regularly reading and working on one of those (for example, studyspanish.com). There are many. Do some research.


      Hi - I did not point out any omission, I asked a question. And by the way, thank you for your info. T.


      Hi Tettah -- you said, "So my question is simply this: why did you write " tengo solo una gata" instead of using the adverb "solamente", or, if it was meant to mean, I have merely one cat, "tengo solo..." (with and accent mark)." This is implying that she omitted the accent mark. You are correct, sólo is the same as solamente, i.e. "only," whereas "solo" means "alone." Wish I had more resources for you. SpanishDict.com is an excellent online dictionary with some grammar (and complete verb conjugations), and WordReference.com is similar with the bonus of having a searchable community forum. Best of luck in your studies.


      Social talk will happen here in the forums whether you want to participate or not. The best way to avoid social conversations is by simply not reading or responding to threads that don't interest you.

      I'm not here in the forums to teach language; that's what our app does. I'm here to facilitate in making connections between our users by hosting them and welcoming them to the forums so that their experience meeting other users is safe and fun.

      I chose to type sólo instead of solamente because the words are interchangeable. The accent was omitted in my response simply because I forgot to add it. Even as someone who knows a second language I often make mistakes, too.


      Hello Katy - I did not mean to offend, nor did I look to find fault. I am just learning Spanish and wanted an answer. So you are not teaching, which is fine, but where can I find quick and reliable answers to my grammar question, without having to read twenty other "opinions" with no
      assurance that they are correct??? That is all I want to find out. Thank you, T.


      bless your family im mainly studing spaish how do you find it


      that is so lovely here, am new


      ¡Hola Katy! Good luck. Your daughters' names are so cool and although this has nothing to do with Duolingo you're so pretty. A lingot from me to welcome you!


      Congrats Katy. Good luck as CM.


      To everyone involved in execution of the curriculum kudos. It's great that you are using intensive teaching methods to teach language. Interesting and clever. Wish I could work with you! Keep learning everyone!


      Los ojos hermosos!


      I know a little bit of German from my dad of which we have strong German roots. I am the 14th Generation that lives in the USA from that line. I am very excited to actually learn some more!


      Hallo, willkommen katycatz!


      hello!!!! i am zoe!!!


      Sorry but I don't know where to post this, I've tried. How do you start learning a second (3rd) language? I've always been frightened of losing my main language info. How do you use red lingots and what are they for? How do you find out how many XPs you use in a day or accumulate? I use an iPad.


      you will love this site its so joli


      She sounds like Katgirl/Patricha from Barbie Spy Sqwad

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