Questions about some Hebrew words from English

I am curious to know if there are such words in Hebrew as in English, like:

Motivation - noun Motivative - adjective Motivate - verb

Communication - noun Communicative - adjective Communciate - verb

Interaction - noun Interactive - adjective Interact - verb

Dedication - noun Dedicative - adjective Dedicate - verb.

September 10, 2018


There are proper Hebrew terms for all these things, but many English terms have been borrowed into the language and have gained traction. Plus, because of how pervasive English knowledge is in Israel, it's pretty easy to Hebraize an English term (motivation --> motivatziah) and then apply the pattern when you don't know the Hebrew term; even if you just invented the word, Israelis likely would understand you.

All that being said, there are 'purer' Hebrew terms that you should learn.

מֵנִיעַ or הנעה Either of these words mean "motivation" and come from the root נעה which means to move or propel. Hence, the present participle מניע (mA'niyyaa) can stand for the adjective "motivating" or the verb "motivate" (infinitive: להניע).

Communication. תיקשורת is the best word here. Communicative can be translated as תקשורתי, but you might want to ask a doctor what word he or she would use to describe a patient who in English we would describe as "communicative." In that case, the word might something else. Communicate can be translated in a few ways. להתקשר is used to make a phone call, while לעשות קשר is used more generally, as in 'make contact with us' on the bottom bar of a website or just to connect with someone in general.

The term "interact" is a great example of an English term that won't have a one-word equivalent. Hebrew doesn't use prefixes as extensively as English does (things like inter-, trans-, un-, de-, intra-, extra-, dis-, etc.). It helps to think of this word as inter+action, as in two people acting together. Thus, you get the common phrase in Hebrew like "לפעול זה על זה״ or ״להגיב זה בזה״, "to act with each other" and "to respond to each other" respectively.

Dedication in Hebrew depends on the context, like personal dedication or the dedication of a building.

September 13, 2018

Not sure I understood- are you asking about words that sounds the same as English, or behave as English?

Speaking about those who sounds like English- Motivation (noun) can be a good example (motivatsia motivatzia מוטיבציה). I believe the Jerusalam Hebrew academy made a Hebrew word for it, one that derived from "movement" but nobody really uses the formal words they come up with.

September 11, 2018
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