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"Ĉu ni rajtas sidi en la kafejo?"

Translation:Are we allowed to sit in the café?

September 11, 2018



Yes, but you'd better buy something first, especially if you want to use the bathroom.


Heeey Niewand, I wanted to write similar comment


Ne, se la kafejo estas Starbucks...


Drat - my previous post didn't work. opposite of lefti ! Or perhaps to have a right to (by law/rules or moral code) - so "to be allowed"


I got for this exercise a woman talking and I needed to write whatever she says in Esperanto. She DOESN'T say "en" at all. Did anyone else have similar problem or it's only me? Thanks


I just listened to this sentence and I heard the voice that I call "second female voice" (she's Brazilian, as I understand). She always speaks slowly and clearly. I distinctly hear her say:

  • Ĉu ni rajtas ... sidi ... en la ... kafejo?

... in just about four beats. Try listening again for "en la". If you don't hear it, don't stress out about it. Just move on and keep learning.


Thanks for the answer, Salivanto. I am not sure why I could have not heard the "en". Tried to change the earphones but still could have not.

Perhaps it is time to go to the ENT specialist, I assume :)

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