"Pravda je lež."

Translation:Truth is lie.

September 11, 2018

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I think "Truth is a lie" would be a better English version


In fact, "Truth is lie." is not grammatical.


Gentle Truth was walking in beautiful clothes with grace,
Dressed up for the orphans, invalids, blissful, deprived.
Rough looking Lie lured this Truth to her place,
Say, why don’t you stay with me overnight!

And gullible Truth calmly fell asleep under the Lie’s spell,
Drooling with pleasure and smile, having a dream.
Rough looking Lie pulled the blanket from Truth to itself,
Stared at the Truth and was quite pleased with her whim.

And got up, and made a face to her bulldog like, -
What so special about her, woman like woman?!
There is no difference, whatsoever between Truth and Lie,
If, of course, to undress each of them.


Vladimir Vysotsky - Parable about Truth and Lie


Dekuji ! Ja ted slysim to.


incredible this website with all the translations ! Velmi zajimavy


You might be interested in the Czech version recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQsxfXAkQOw


lepsi: The truth is a lie.


Not just lepsi - necessary. "Truth is lie" is not English. Still - I'm very much enjoying this politics section - excellent work!


Students of Czech, you should all watch this report on the Franz Kafka International Airport in Prague: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEyFH-a-XoQ

One of the signs giving directions at the airport says "Truth (Madness)".


Love this section. I read all the comments

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