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  5. "I will go home soon."

"I will go home soon."

Translation:Saya akan segera pulang.

September 11, 2018



I am trying to understand where to put adverbs in sentences. “segera” ,being an “adverb of time” is most frequently positioned in the beginning or at the end of a sentence ? Did I understand that correctly ?If so , “segera saya akan pulang “ is ok too?And how about “saya akan pulang segera ?


I think "Segera saya pulang" literally means " Soon I will go home"

"Saya akan pulang segera" is the same as " Saya akan segera pulang"


My wife is Indonesian and she got this wrong as well....says this works though, but not the only way to say it with the words given.


Akan isn't really needed, right? Segera implies future tense?


I will go home soon.
Meaning: Saya akan segera pulang.

Aku akan segera pulang. = not accepted, reported.


saya akan pulang sebentar? does that not mean the same thing?

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