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"I cannot bring a suitcase when taking a taxibike."

Translation:Aku tidak bisa membawa koper naik ojek.

September 11, 2018



I cannot bring a suitcase when taking a taxibike.
Meaning: Aku tidak bisa membawa koper naik ojek.

"when" is not translated in the Indonesian sentence.

If you hover over the word "when" , the following words are shown :
"bila", "saat", "waktu".
"kalau", is an acceptable translation for "when" (imho).
I've reported it.


Are "ketika" and "pas" also good?


I would not use 'pas', only ketika, waktu or saat.

bila and kalau translate more closely to 'if', so sort of work in this sentence, but don't always translate as nicely.


It's okay to use them


my answer is "Aku tak dapat membawa koper ketika naik ojek" and this is still wrong... Gadamn.


your answer should be correct, its in proper to combine two sentences without conjunction. "when" should be translated as "ketika", " saat", "sambil".


This needs the "when" translated in English, otherwise it is wrong.

"when" is serving as a subordinate conjunction in this sentence, combining the independent/coordinating clause "I cannot bring a suitcase" and the dependent/subordinating clause "when taking a taxibike". Without the conjunction you have two clauses joined by nothing and it is simply wrong.


"Aku tidak bisa membawa koper jika naik ojek"


Aku tidak bisa membawa koper saat naik ojek

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