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How to repsond to "Hoş geldin"?

Whenever my I am greeted into a house, I hear "hoş geldiniz." I always learned to respond with "hoş gördük." But recently, I read that a common response to this is "hoş bulduk." I understand that the latter is the most accepted way of responding, but is "hoş gördük" ever used, even in central or eastern Turkey?

September 11, 2018



I think, it is not important where you are. , We say "hoş gördük" or "hoş bulduk".


"Hoş bulduk" is much, much more common. It might vary depending on the region, however, I can personally say I hear "hoş bulduk" tens or hundreds times more.

I also would like to congratulate and thank you for your correct spelling of the phrases! In Turkey, it is extremely common to misspell them as "hoşbulduk", "hoşgördük", "hoşgeldiniz". Even the well-educated folks make the same mistake. Quite annoying.

Therefore, for your care to it, I shall reward you with 20 lingots! :-)

İyi çalışmalar!


Hoş bulduk is more common.


Hoş bulduk is what most people say.


Hoş bulduk is much more common

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