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  5. "Saya memulai surat saya."

"Saya memulai surat saya."

Translation:I start my letter.

September 11, 2018



when to use memulai vs mulai


Seems to me kind of the same. I guess memulai is more formal as it stresses the "action of starting"


The prefix me- indicate the active sentences. The sentence structure will be Subj+ me-Verb + Object While the passive sentence will use prefix di-. The sentence structure will be Obj + di-Verb + Subj In formal writing language, the verb with the structure above always have prefixes and suffixes, but in conversation sometimes the prefixes or suffixes are ommited.


What do Indonesians say to 'surah' (chapter from the quran)? And how do they name the quran? Because they use koran for newspaper and surat for letter, I am a bit confused (and most Indonesians are muslim right)?


I begin my letter should also be correct


Yes, please report it, so that they can fix it.

I start my letter.
I started my letter.
I begin my letter.
I began my letter.

The above translations should all be accepted (imho).

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