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"Berapa ons gula yang kita punya?"

Translation:How many ounces of sugar do we have?

September 11, 2018



Berapa ons gula yang kita punya?
Meaning: How many ounces of sugar do we have?

You cannot translate 'ons' into 'ounce'.
Those are two different units.

'ons' = seratus gram = 100 grams.

'ounce' = 28.3 grams


If 'ons' refers to 100g, a unit not used the metric system, then, like "windu", it should not be translated, especially not as something it is not, like "ounce."

The correct answer should be, "How many 'onses' of sugar do we have?" or, far more naturally but not a direct translation, "How much sugar do we have?"


Well done. Personally i think ounces are a pain. The fl ounce does not correspond exactly to the weight of water, then they have troy onces and stones .. The ons makes much more sense


And Indonesia (like many other countries) is metric

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