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  5. "Ons adalah satuan berat."

"Ons adalah satuan berat."

Translation:Ounces are a unit of weight.

September 11, 2018



Ons adalah satuan berat.
Meaning: Ounces are a unit of weight.

Yes, both are units of weight.
Different units, they're not the same.
I already mentioned it in another sentence.
I don't think you can translate the one with the other.

'ons' = seratus gram = 100 grams. https://kbbi.web.id/ons

'ounce' = 28.3 grams https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ounce


Are ounces still even used as a unit of weight in 2018?


The US still use imperial measurements, even in 2018.


What about the other non-metric units mentioned in this lesson? Mil and inci?

Edit: Looked up inci and that does seem to be 1inch. Mil however is more complicated: https://kbbi.web.id/mil "Unit of distance, there are various types such as Dutch = 1000m, German = 7420 metres, English = 1609 metres

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