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Discussion on Chinese corrections

In the Chinese subscription, i see a lot of dissatisfaction and annoyance regarding the translations given from English to Chinese or vice versa. I just wanted to say that despite some inaccuracies i don't think we should really be concerned with the exactitude of the given answer. The important thing here would be to first enjoy the free lessons and to understand the gist of each meanings and with experience, the subtlety of expressions.

We all know how difficult it can be to translate an idea or a concept from a language to another. Being french myself, i noticed that some of the french expression will never get the same value once translated into english (unless you are a very good professional translator; i saw it once) . And it is the same way from english to french; (ex; in french language we dont have the word ''to date someone'' which means that french will never have that particular feeling you have when saying that expression.. Also, i don;t understand why some seem to be frustrated when their answers should be accepted and they re not.. It is mostly important that our tutor is a native Chinese. the rest, the English part, we can figure it out.

Anyway, i hope we won't get frustrated anymore. :)

September 11, 2018

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