"Tini returns from the bank."

Translation:Tini pulang dari bank.

September 11, 2018

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The English sentence should read, Tini returns home from the bank. Without that context an ambiguous sentence has been given a specific situation translation.


Yes, that's true.
There is not enough context.

"Tini returns (to where?) from the bank".

If Tini returns to her house, then "pulang" would be a better translation.
If Tini returns to her office, then "kembali" would be better.


Is pulang more acceptable than kembali?


Is pulang more acceptable than kembali?

In this sentence, without other context, not really.

"Tini kembali dari bank" should be accepted as well.
If it's not accepted, please report it, so that they can fix it.

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