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New classes at beginning of school year

Hello! I have a question: it's the beginning of the school year, and I have taken a few students out of existing classes, and added them to other classes. Is it possible now to print a new classlist with all their usernames and passwords again? Or do I have to work with the old ones, which are confusing because the students are either in the wrong class or mixed with students who have left the school. I cannot seem to find the feature where it says: print new classlist. Hope someone can help! Sioety

September 11, 2018

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You can only print passwords when the students accounts are first created. After that Duolingo works the same as any other site - people's passwords should be known only by themselves.

Once you've moved the students to the right classes, you can see a list on the screen in various formats. The only way I've found to see a list of usernames is to go to students, then more details, then activity details, then spreadsheet.

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