"Andi is handsome when he is wearing a bright yellow t-shirt."

Translation:Andi tampan ketika memakai kaus kuning terang.

September 11, 2018

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I feel like every multiple choice question has random words that were never taught, that are synonyms of words that we were taught. Instead of the question above, the correct answer I was supposed to give was "Andi tampan saat dia memakai kaus kuning terang." I have never heard of "saat" before. Why not use "ketika" which was taught earlier?


Agreed the multiple choice "correct answer" I was offered was Andi ganteng saat ia memakai kaus kuning terang. ganteng and saat were never introduced and "tampan and terang" were just taught. Why not use tampan ketika?


Yang is already taught at this point, so why not include sentences containing it as correct answers?

"Andi tampan ketika dia memakai kaus yang kuning terang."

[deactivated user]

    why is kuning before terang? because in english bright comes before yellow! terima kasi banyak!


    cakep sama dengan tampan


    Why not "Andi tampan ketika pakai kaus kuning terang."

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