"Where do we go for dinner?"


September 11, 2018



So is this literally "we to where eat dinner?"? So far I only know 到 from the "from ... to" construction.

September 23, 2018


The ' 到 ' character also appeared in a previous lesson for getting directions. My understanding is that it also means "to go to" or "to get to". In the 从..到 construction, it's like saying from 7 and going to 9.

https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Location-3/tips https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25275082


December 26, 2018


So can 哪儿 come after 吃晚饭? Just wondering

February 22, 2019


Adverb precedes verb.

April 21, 2019


What happen if instead of 到 we use 去, will it sounds weird ? is it incorrect? Is there any reason you should use it or because of the region?

December 29, 2018


Is 我们去哪儿吃晚饭?ok?

March 10, 2019


Is there no verb for "go" in this sentence?

September 11, 2018


Even though "go" does not appear in the given sentence, the translation either with or without 去 before 吃晚饭 is correct.

September 12, 2018


I think dao also means 'to reach'

April 21, 2019


I must have missed the rule that place comes before action?

January 4, 2019


Hmmm. Years ago I was taught the way to say "to go to" (someplace) was "to (someplace) go". E.g. 你到哪儿去? = "To where are you going?", i.e. in regular English "where are you going?".

But I tried several sentences about going to places using Google translate, and they all came back with just ”去” functioning by itself as ”go to”, rather than as the "go" element in a "to .. somewhere... go" ("到 ... somewhere... 去") construction.

March 23, 2019


I use Google translate and reverse the translation to be sure it means what I think it means. However Google translate has limitations for teaching language. Look for the community tick next to translation to have more confidence in the translation given. It really works on frequency of requests to translate and usually gives the simplest and not necessarily most accurate translation

March 24, 2019
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