"The water is drinkable."

Translation:Το νερό πίνεται.

September 11, 2018



"Is drunk" or "is drinkable"? Does πίνεται mean both?

September 11, 2018


Yes, πίνεται can mean both is drunk and is drinkable, depending on the context. This topic has been extensively discussed here.

I hope this helps. :-)

September 11, 2018


Yes you are right it does mean both. Both translation are correct. But when someone says that, it is more possible that he means that the water is drinkable. Or he could ask: Πίνεται το νερό?/ Το νερό πίνεται?= Is the water drinkable?. Also there is another alternative : Το νερό είναι πόσιμο. In this case it means only drinkable

September 11, 2018
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