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Several students missing 'profile' page in settings menu

When I have my students set up their accounts and join my classroom, I have them change their profile name (NOT username) to "Last, First" in order to create an alphabetized class roster within the classroom. However, I have 4 or 5 students that for some reason do not have the 'profile' settings page. Their right-hand menu goes from 'Learning Language' to 'Password', with 'Profile' not even an option. Am I missing an important detail about how accounts are created and what options are available for which students, or is this just a tech glitch that I should alert IT about?

It does seem to be happening with students who bring previously-established accounts in with them, as opposed to signing in with Google, which is what I have people normally do.

Any thoughts, or is this just me?

September 11, 2018



I think that's a restriction that can be set by teachers of classrooms. If you haven't set that restriction, the next thing to check is that they aren't a member of any other classrooms.


Users under a certain age (which depends on country, but it's 13 in the US) don't have a Profile tab for privacy (COPPA/GDPR/etc.) reasons.


I suppose this could cause it, but my students are almost exclusively using Duolingo via signing in through Google using their school domain. It's the ones who don't do it this way that have the problem. Where is the age setting for regular users? I'm not sure I ever had to give a birthday.

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