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Wow, I am surprised.

I dedicated this post, to the Czech team, the creators of a course unlike any other ever created.

I have not progressed through the tree that much, but I have almost all the lessons I've done so far, (except for 4 of them I think) at level five, and I'm working on memorising and engraving all those grammatically complex sentences in my brain, so I can use the same structure in other sentences later on.

I want to say thank you to all the contributors, specially to Nueby (a person who is very serious about his work) and Boneheadbass (a person I admire, since I also want to be part of this amazing team bringing this marvellous language to the DL community).

A little question about what I said above:

Boneheadbass wasn't a contributor since the beginning right? What can I do to join the team just like he did, apart from showing advanced language skills? (I live in Czechia btw, so I have access to daily expressions, common terms, etc).

Continuing this post, I'd like to write something in Czech (without any translators of course) to demonstrate, or at least try to demonstrate what I've learned so far:

Ted', ja si hodně těším na dokončení strom Česky jazýk, abych jsem uměla dost a všecko co potěbuju aby jsem mohl pšipojítse k tento tým nadherních lidí. Já vám poprosím, abych jsi to zvalžili.

Please correct me

So, here is what I actually wanted to say:

Even though the text above isn't completely correct, or probably absolutely wrong, I think i've done a great job, thanks to the great job done by the poeple behind this course. WE ALL LOVE YOU, AND CZECH AS WELL, OF COURSE :)

Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a nice day.



September 11, 2018



Thank you for, well, your "thank you"!

I started my climb up the Czech tree last fall, and am approaching my one-year anniversary as part of the larger Duolingo community.

I was astounded -- and honored -- to be invited to join the Czech team, primarily to assist on the English side of things. Apparently I was doing something right, even if it wasn't scrambling up the tree and learning Czech quickly, easily, and thoroughly.

The people on the Czech team are an incredibly dedicated bunch. I hope, one day, the team -- and maybe my fellow students -- will benefit from my participation.

I deeply appreciate your kind words, and wish you the best of luck in mastering this amazing -- and surprisingly complex (at least to native English speakers) -- language... Go, SuperLearner007!!!


Thanks a lot, and thousands of people will, if not already, benefit from your contributions, and I am one of them.

I hope the same that happened to you happens to me one day. I'd love to assist you guys.


Thanks for your kind words! Maybe one day we will deserve them.

We all still have ways to go, including you. Here is how I would fix your text:

Ted', ja si hodně těším na dokončení strom Česky jazýk, abych jsem uměla dost a všecko co potěbuju aby jsem mohl pšipojítse k tento tým nadherních lidí. Já vám poprosím, abych jsi to zvalžili.


Teď se moc těším na dokončení stromu českého jazyka, abych se dost naučil a uměl všecko, co potřebuju, abych se mohl připojit k tomuto týmu nádherných lidí. Poprosím vás, abyste to zvážili.

We invited BHB to become our colleague because of his patient participation in the sentence discussions while helping other students, mostly with his native English. The right kind of forum participation is by far the best way into most teams here because a sustained record of discussion comments proves one's strengths and compatibility with the team (or their absence, of course) in ways that a cold application usually cannot.


Thanks a lot for the correction!

I see, well, I guess I'll have to start helping people out, have a nice day!


Nice. I just started Czech, as we will be hosting an exchange student from the Czech Rebuplic. It was delayed as we wait for Hurricane Florence to pass our home near Myrtle Beach.

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