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Question about educators profile.

Do all educators have the green circle with a globe on their profile?

I was just wondering since I do not see myself with that, and if I remember correctly, I've done all the proceidure, recieved the certificate, etc.

Does any of you see me with the border I'm talking about? Do I need to be a pro member to have it?

Thanks everyone!

September 11, 2018



Even after becoming Duolingo Certified Educator (congratulations, BTW), you have to apply to become a Duolingo Global Ambassador.



That's a shame. I'm afraid it won't be possible‚Äč because I don't teach in an actual school, I teach my family... Thanks.


Would it accept my school as "Home" or "Homeschool"?


At this time the program is meant primarily for teachers in traditional school settings, sorry!


Interesting! Are you a member of the Duolingo Educator Network? I don't see that you've applied. Pentaan's link above offers some useful information about the program in case you're interested. As of now, only members of the Educator Network (or other Global Ambassadors) have this special ring on their profiles.


Thanks a lot, good luck on your new job btw!


What should I write in this question? I don't quite understand what it wants me to do:

What are two (or more) ways you would share Duolingo with your community and beyond?


Typically educators who are fans of Duolingo and Duolingo for Schools are eager to share their knowledge of the curriculum with others. Whether that's by word of mouth, by attending conferences and presenting about Duolingo, or simply by telling fellow teachers, there are lots of ways that people can share their expertise and help grow the number of users that Duolingo has using the Schools platform. We always endeavor to improve Duolingo and to add new features, new lessons and languages, etc. Teacher feedback and teacher help has proven very valuable in those efforts. We love when people love Duolingo and we hope they have unique and interesting ways to share Duolingo within their community.

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