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  5. "What a beautiful yard."

"What a beautiful yard."

Translation:Was für ein schöner Garten.

March 30, 2013



I suppose the noun after "was für" shouldn't be put in accusative (it should be nominative).


isn't it nominativ already? acusative is supposed to be "einen schönen Garten". maybe they changed it after ur post.


They changed.. it was accusative when I saw it!


Can somebody explain what the purpose of fuer is here?


its a german expression, so it won't match the english one literally. for eg. what kind of a question is that? was für eine Frage ist das? this and the one above are the two most common uses. but 'how beautiful' is still 'wie schön'.


what for a beautiful garden? um...for has nothing to do with it.


Yeah, why für?


"Was für is an interrogative pronoun and synonymous with welcher, welche, welches and welch Duden It translates to "what [kind of]" or "what [a]" in English." found here: http://german.stackexchange.com/questions/10138/ist-was-fur-etwas-nominativ-oder-akkusativ. If you continue to read you'll see that in the example used in the original question it's an exclamation, just like here, so is nominative.

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