"I am not from Jakarta."

Translation:Saya bukan dari Jakarta.

September 12, 2018

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Tidak is usually used to negate the verbs or modal verbs. While, Bukan is used for nouns. -I am not from Jakarta = saya bukan dari Jakarta. This means the noun is saya (I). -I don't come from Jakarta = Saya tidak berasal dari Jakarta. Hopefully, this would a bit help you :)


Yes, but here "bukan" negates the preposition, not directly the noun. It can also be used to negate the noun Bali through.

Saya dari Bali, bukan dari Jakarta (negates the preposition "dari", like the English "not from".)
Saya dari Bali, bukan Jakarta (negate directly the noun Jakarta.)

"I" can't be a noun, it's always a pronoun.
Saya bukan dari Bali, here "bukan" doesn't negates "saya", as anyway it cannot be a noun, it negates the preposition "dari".

Bukan can also negate a pronoun, but it's not in this sentence.
For instance, "Bukan dia" (not him/not her/not it, talking about an animal).

Saya tidak berasal dari Jakarta, "tidak" is used as it's the verb-negator, it negates "berasal" that is a verb. Meaning "to originate (from)".


"From Jakarta" is not a noun. Care to eleborate?


Why is it "aku" and not saya in the "correct choice"?

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Fellow learner here. 'Aku' is informal, 'saya' is formal. Both are correct, depending on the context. When in doubt, I would stick to 'saya'.


Wouldn't it be "Saya tidak dari Jarkata"? Since "bukan" is used only to negate nouns?


On the above sentence, Tidak=No, Bukan=Not. If want to use Tidak, it should be: Saya tidak berasal dari Jakarta (I am not originated from Jakarta).


It's a source of confusion, because Tidak is not always "no".

Tidak is no, as a short negative answer. You want some chocolates? No...

Bukan is used to negate nouns, adverbs, prepositions, and pronoun. Everything that is not a verb.
So, it would be "not". Not a boy, not easy, not from, not him....

Tidak is used to negate verbs. So it won't be "no" but "don't/doesn't" or "not". I don't speak English. Saya tidak berbicara Bahasa Inggris.

I'm not a native English speaker, so please someone correct me if I don't say right things, but I think it could be rather "I don't originate from". And it's better, as berasal is a verb, and to originate (from) is also one, so we understand well that "don't" is the négation for the verb "to originate", while "tidak" is the négation for the verb berasal.


Both can be used but in different context, Tidak dari Jakarta can be used to answer "where have you been? Jakarta?"


It's weird because "dari" means "from". So It's weird in my opinion to answer to "Where have you been" with a "from".

Where have you been? Not from Jakarta is a weird answer for me.
Where have you been? Not to Jakarta, woud be more logical.

Is it an Indonesian exception?

Also, I really don't understand why we could use the verb-negator "tidak" when there's no verb at all, even implied. If you say you are a native, and it's correct grammar or expression, I trust you, but it seems to me incorrect one.


Saya seharusnya benar


Where did aku come from? Why isn't it saya?


Di sini tidak ada kata "not"



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