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  5. "Saya meminta buku."

"Saya meminta buku."

Translation:I am asking for a book.

September 12, 2018



If the difference between Saya minta buku, and Saya meminta buku only a question of formality? when would you use each and does me- change the meaning?


They mean the same thing and excluding the me- prefix is what makes it less formal and more colloquial. "Aku minta" would be even less formal and "gue minta" the least formal


Why was I marked wrong for saying "the book", instead of "a book"?


it's absurd how strict this question is considering how loose indonesian is with the translation

"i ask for a book" is wrong apparently as is "i am asking for a book", it specifically has to be "I am asking for the book"

really ridiculous.


I am lost with this one. If meminta is to ask, how do we tell we ask a book, or we ask someone for a book? Only by the context?


The basic word "ask" followed by a person/living creatures, in indonesian will have the meaning "to ask a question" (Bertanya). But "ask for" followed by nouns/things means "want to get something" (Meminta).


we donno 2 lets continue ı m sure they will teach us some level


where did the article 'for' come from? shouldn't untuk be there or something?


Halo teman! I think this is how the English verb works:

Saya (I) + meminta (ask for) + buku (a book)

So, the verb “to ask” is used to ask “someone”, to ask “a question”, but to ask for “something”, to ask for “a taxi”, to ask for “food”, to ask for “silence”, “attention”, “justice”, and in general, to ask (a person, people, and sometimes a machine, a computer) for an object, or services.

I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)


So do I understand correctly that you cannot use "meminta" to mean "To ask a question", but only as in "To ask for an answer"?


Yes it's true! :)

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