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"Kami punya sepuluh keponakan."

Translation:We have ten nephews.

September 12, 2018



"We have ten nieces and nephews" should be accepted. Unlike some other languages, any group containing males does not default to male, so a group of 3 nieces and 7 nephews would be "10 nieces and nephews", not "10 nephews".


Okay, so it can be the following :

We have ten nephews.
We have ten nieces.
We have ten nieces and nephews.
We have ten nephews and nieces.

Correct ?
I'll report it if I see this sentence.
From which skill is it ? "Family" ?


Yes, that looks correct to me. I only ever hear it with "nieces" before "nephews" but I don't see why it can't also work the other way around.

Thanks, I reported it too. Yes, it is in "Family".

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