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Club for students

I have opened a club for one of my classes to be able to communicate with the whole class. My question is if I can open more than one club, and in that case where do I do it? It looks like I have to leave one club before I can open another. Is that so? Because now I want to open a new club for a new class. Some of the children are under the age of thirteen, so I do not want them to attend a club with strangers or with my other class, therefore I want to make a private club for them without leaving the other club that I made. Is that possible? And if so, how do I create more than one club? I miss the possibility to write directly to one of my students. Isn’t that possible anymore? Happy for any comments related to these two topics?

September 12, 2018

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You can only create one club per course. So one German (for English speakers) club, one Spanish (for English speakers) club, and so on. You could create a different email and account for each class, but that could also be a big headache. Depending on your students, you might appoint one in each class to be the "club administrator". As long as the club is private and you give the code only to your class, no strangers will enter. And if the admin student accidentally leaves the club, administrative powers are given to another club member automatically. In fact, you might want to appoint student club administrators to ALL of your classes, and that way you can leave and enter clubs as you please, and have visibility to all of them.

You can no longer write directly to a student here in Duolingo, unless the Educators dashboard gives you that option. I know regular Duolingo no longer has that feature.

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