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  5. "Nikde jinde tě neznají."

"Nikde jinde neznají."

Translation:They do not know you anywhere else.

September 12, 2018



This is a weird sentence in English. Is there a better translation?


I'm native AmE, and it doesn't seem weird to me. But what did you have in mind?


Could you rephrase? And in what situations it would used?


(Silly) example: František is a stand-up comedian who is very popular at open-mic shows in Prague. One day he tells Kateřina, "I'm tired of these small shows in Prague! I want to perform in Berlin, or Paris, or NewYork... and become rich and famous!!!" Kateřina (knowing František is not ready for prime time) wants to help him by preventing him from trying to do too much too soon. She says, "Yes, it's great that the audiences really like you here! But they don't know you anywhere else. (Besides, you only speak Czech...)" :-)


Why is nikde necessary? Why is 'Jinde tě neznají' not correct?

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