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  5. "Siapa nama mertua kamu?"

"Siapa nama mertua kamu?"

Translation:What is the name of your father-in-law?

September 12, 2018



"What are the names of your in-laws?" should be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Doesnt siapa mean who?

    Shouldnt this be Apa nama mertua kamu


    I think this is a very confusing way of talking? How will i the listener know if the mother in law is being talked about or the father in law?


    Thatʻs the nature of the language - itʻs ambigiuous in some ways and specific in others.
    English is the same way for some words. Indonesian people probably say "How will I the listener know if the older sibling is being talked about or the younger sibling?" In that way, the language can show you what details are important to the people of that culture.

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