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"bo'Degh 'oH'a'? Duj 'oH'a'? ghobe'!"

Translation:Is it a bird? Is it a ship? No!

September 12, 2018



I wrote "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!" knowing full well it'd probably be marked wrong, but I had to do it anyway. Thanks, coursewriters, for the grin, and for the momentary childhood memories of old (i.e., 1950s) Superman cartoons. :-)


I think we'll have to add "plane" to the accepted translations here ... and/or create a separate version of this sentence with muD Duj in it :)


Cool! Thank you. I just came up against the repeat sentence in the same lesson, and I inadvertently typed "plane" AGAIN! Still wrong as of this moment. :-)


It is Super Grover!


HochvaD Super Grover qaq law' Hoch qaq puS! DoDaj vItlh law' pe'bIl Do vItlh puS! ghaH HoS law' ghav 'uSqan HoS puS! ghaH val law' nom vIHbogh peng val puS! Super Grover ghaH! ('ej jI'IH je.)

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