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Chinese Keyboard

Hi alls.. I have a small problem about Chinese Keyboard.. I am using Keyman Deskop 10.0.. I cannot write some Chinese characters like ''nu(ü)'' and ''lu(ü)''.. How can I write these characters with keyboard? Thanks in advance your helps..

September 13, 2018



Try typing "v" for "ü." For example, if you want to type "nǚ," type it as "nv."


Thanks again.. It's working..


I've also been meaning to find a way to do this. Thanks!


I am a native Chinese speaker, and I suggest you search this IME in Baidu, or any other search engines: 搜狗拼音输入法 (on PC and iOS and Android, probably on Mac, I guess :). This is the one that most people around me are using. After you download this, beware of malware that the install package may contain, since most Chinese software will install other applications that you may or may not want without reminding you


| 한글 | Romanization | Pronunciation |---|---|---|---|---| | ㅣ | i ㅏ | a |
ㅓ | eo | /ʌ/ in cup ㅡ | eu | /ɯ/ in ugh ㅜ | u | ㅗ | o | | alpha | beta | gamma | delta | | | ape | baby | cat | dog | elephant | | | | | | |

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